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jet blonde | fashion, food, and lifestyle by the jet blonde

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

how to keep cutoffs classy

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Due to the second wind of 1980's trends, we've seen a hi-rise of the hi-waisted short making a come back, and with summer fast approaching (especially here in Houston, where we've had highs of 70 and 80 degree heat); cutoffs are a staple in most women's wardrobes. At the shoppe I work for, we can't seem to keep them in stock. Daisy Dukes are definitely some of our top sellers, namely because they're easy to wear and fairly functional in what can be scorching Texas weather. I personally love cutoffs (I own quite a few pairs myself), because they instantly create a long-legged look even for the most petite women. Regardless, I still have quite a few apprehensive clients who would like to wear the short-short trend, but worry the look might be too risque or age-inappropriate; and they ask me how they can take such a casual and scant look to a chicer level. Despite how easy and comfortable they are to wear, I do believe that cutoffs have their place, and for the more mature or modest fashionista here are a few tips and tricks on how to how to keep cutoffs classy in any situation:

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Let's face it: shorts are sexy, because they are exactly what their name implies: short. Unless you're spending the day by the pool or the beach, try to avoid wearing super cropped or other barely there tops. Bare legs are enough to drive most men crazy, so why not leave a little more to the imagination by pairing your's with a button down, blazer, cardigan, or basic tee. Throw in a simple necklace, sunglasses, and bag and it's easy to transition from a day at the office to dinner downtown.


Don't be afraid to go 'block wild' by playing up colors and patterns - anything from blush-inspired hues, hot neon, and tropical elements. Don't get me wrong, denim is always a great default, but give yourself a slight edge: throw something seasonally on-trend into the mix with your jean, leather, or linen solids to create the perfect match for Sunday brunch with the gals.


A pair of sophisticated, grown-up heels will make any pair of cutoffs instantly that much more chic. Avoid the played out platform and opt for a pointed toe pump or strappy stilettos - this will not only look more put-together, but it will save your ankles from some serious stress later. Plus, as much as I love my sky-high Jeffrey's, I find that sometimes a heel that's a little too high can blur the line between street stylista and street walker. Remember: grown up heels can make your gams look just as long and lean, especially in nude or tan!

...And there you have it! My tips and tricks on keeping cutoffs classy! Hope you enjoyed <3